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Gov. Murphy’s State of the State Happy Talk Ignores the Woeful Underperformance of NJ’s Economy on His Watch

With his happy-talk in his State of the State speech, Gov. Murphy ignored the woeful reality of NJ’s economy under his watch.  While it’s typical for a politician to sugar-coat things to make his record…

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Three Studies Confirm the Consequences of NJ’s Uncompetitive Business Climate: People, Businesses and Wealth Are Leaving

Last week, we noted that the Tax Foundation ranked New Jersey’s tax climate for businesses as dead last – for the seventh straight year!  We mentioned a natural consequence of this was the outmigration of…

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NJ Has the Worst Business Tax Climate for the 7th Straight Year; Does Gov. Murphy Even Care?

It’s a new year, but sadly for New Jersey some things never change.  The Tax Foundation came out with its “2022 State Business Tax Climate Index,” which ranks the 50 states by how friendly their…

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New Study: People and Wealth Continue to Flee High-Tax States Like NJ. Does Gov. Murphy Even Care?

That’s what the IRS data shows: people and wealth continue to flee NJ.  According to a study by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, in 2019, 16,947 taxpayers left NJ, taking $3.1 billion in Adjusted Gross…

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NJ Ed Report Improves on and Amplifies Sunlight’s Analysis of 2021 Election Spending

As usual, NJEdReport gets at the key points and then presents them in a thoroughly digestible way.  A quick and easy way to understand how the NJEA spent $20 million – that’s $167 for each…

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Sunlight Policy Center Releases 2021 Election Spending Analysis

Sunlight Policy Center Releases 2021 Election Spending Analysis New Jersey Teachers Might Not Know This, So Feel Free to Share During Parent-Teacher Conferences FACT – Leading up to and during the 2021 elections the NJEA…

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NJEdReport Adds Its Own Take on Sunlight’s Blog on the Montclair School Board Vote

As usual, NJEdReport added its own excellent and informed take on Sunlight’s blog congratulating Montclair voters on their landslide victory.  Montclair will now have an elected school board, and the deeply conflicted NJEA President/Montclair Mayor…

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Shining a Light on the NJEA’s Dark Money Trails

THE POLL$ HAVE CLO$ED…. AND WE CAN NOW PROJECT THE REAL WINNER$ OF LAST WEEK’$ ELECTION…. Congratulation$ to Brendan Gill, Steve DiMicco and Brad Lawrence! Election Day provided many surprises and while New Jersey’s political…

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