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Is the NJEA’s Super PAC Playing Fast and Loose with the Rules in Camden?

There’s a hotly contested school board race going on in Camden on.  News accounts have described it as a contest between two slates:  “Camden Votes” backed by the NJEA-affiliate Camden Education Association, and “Education for…

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NJ’s Taxes Are the Worst in the Country for Businesses – for the Fifth Straight Year!

The Tax Foundation has come out with its annual review of business tax climates in the 50 states, and the news for NJ is not good.  For the fifth straight year, NJ is dead last….

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New Direction NJ Back at It with $2 Million TV Ad Campaign

According to InsiderNJ, formerly “dark money” group New Direction New Jersey (NDNJ) is back at it with a $2 million TV ad campaign leading up to the Assembly elections in November.  It’s nice to have…

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Assemblyman Hal Wirths Is Right About NJ Citizens’ Massive Tax Burden

In today’s Star-Ledger, Assemblyman Wirths correctly highlights the inexorable rise of NJ’s property and other taxes and the insatiable appetite of the state’s special-interest-dominated status quo for more spending and more taxes.  Wirth also wisely…

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Thanks to NJ Left Behind for Re-posting SPCNJ’s Camden piece

Here’s the full re-post.

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Education Intelligence Agency Cites SPCNJ’s Discovery of NJEA ED’s Departure

Mike Antonucci – one of the most knowledgeable experts on teachers unions – cites SPCNJ’s discovery and points out that the NJEA’s initial cloak of silence is not unusual for NEA state affiliates.  It still…

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InsiderNJ Posts SPCNJ’s Scoop on NJEA ED Richardson’s Very Quiet Departure

Thanks to InsiderNJ for posting SPCNJ’s discovery on its “Morning Intelligence Briefing.”  Now InsiderNJ should ask the NJEA about its strange silence regarding the departure of their long-time executive director. Read the InsiderNJ post here.  

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SPCNJ’s Scoop on Former-NJEA ED Richardson Re-posted on NJLeftBehind

Thanks to our good friends at NJLeftBehind.   Still no word from NJEA on the matter.  Strange. Read the re-post here.

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