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New NJEA Tax Return: ELC, NJ Policy Perspective and NJ Working Families Continue to Take Lots of NJEA Money

More from the NJEA’s 2019 tax return, this time on the NJEA’s network of allies.  Sunlight’s readers know that the NJEA’s generous funding of its allies is a big part of how it wields its…

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New NJEA Tax Return: HQ Staff Cuts, Less Teacher Support for Political Spending but NJEA Leadership Still Spends More on Politics

At long last, a new NJEA IRS filing has been provided to the public, this one a Form 990 for the 2019 tax year (9/1/2019 to 8/31/2020).  Because of massive backlogs at the IRS, the…

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NJ Teachers’ Highest-in-the-Nation Dues Are Secretly Being Used to Fund Murphy’s Political Ambitions

Some things never change.  Teachers and New Jersey citizens are being scammed again. Northjersey.com revealed that the NJEA has contributed $750,000 to a Stronger Fairer Forward (SFF), a dark money Super PAC supporting Gov. Murphy…

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New Sweeney Center Report on NJ Budget Is a Valuable and Ominous Warning

Sunlight wanted to comment on a recent report from former-Senate President Steve Sweeney’s Center for Public Policy at Rowan University.  The report is the work of a bipartisan Multi-Year Budget Workgroup and constitutes a valuable…

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NJ.com Publishes Sunlight’s Op-ed on Teacher Shortage

Thank goodness that unlike some other media outlets in New Jersey nj.com  is willing to publish opinions that challenge New Jersey’s public school status quo.  In response to a teacher shortage, Sunlight asks whether New Jersey’s…

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NJEdReport Augments and Amplifies Sunlight’s Report on NJ’s Teacher Shortage

Thanks to NJEdReport augmenting and amplifying Sunlight’s latest research on New Jersey’s teacher shortage.  NJEdReport ties in other elements – such as New Jersey Policy Perspective’s Mark Weber’s pro-NJEA prescriptions and its own work on the subject…

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New Jersey’s Teacher Shortage is Nothing Less than A Crisis

New Jersey’s Teacher Shortage is Nothing Less than A Crisis  “Let’s be clear, the challenges created by the current staffing shortages are systemic and have been exacerbated by the pandemic, but they existed before it began.”…

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NJEdReport Posts Sunlight’s Blog on More Biased and Substandard Research from Mark Weber and NJ Policy Perspective

As usual, NJEdReport has added to and improved upon Sunlight’s work.  As usual, we appreciate NJEdReport helping to spread the truth about Mark Weber and NJPP.  Too bad the New Jersey media takes Weber at face…

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