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Why Did NJ Globe Mischaracterize Opposition to Teaching Sex Ed to Elementary Schoolchildren?

For the second time in two days, a New Jersey news outlet has shown that it cannot present the facts accurately.  Yesterday, it was NJ101.5 on teacher healthcare costs and today it’s New Jersey Globe….

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NJ101.5 Gets It Wrong About Healthcare Premium Hikes for Teachers: Property Taxpayers Will Pick Up the Tab

Unfortunately, a recent news story by NJ101.5 got it all wrong about an increase in teacher healthcare premiums.  We have nothing against NJ101.5, which usually does a good job reporting, but they failed to do basic…

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The Recent Government Employee Healthcare Protests Explained: NJ Taxpayers Will Lose Again

Given the protests in Trenton and the loud public outcry, Sunlight will weigh in on the health benefit premium hikes for New Jersey government employees, if only to clarify matters for our readers. There was…

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“Where Is Gov. Murphy?” Asks the Star-Ledger: Learning Loss Is Real, but Our Governor Is AWOL

“Where is Gov. Murphy?” asks the Star-Ledger editorial board, noting that our governor is essentially AWOL when it comes to addressing learning loss caused by extended school closures.  State Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz stated it…

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NJEdReport Amplifies and Augments Sunlight’s Blog on Increased Teacher Healthcare Costs

Thanks (again) to NJEdReport for amplifying and augmenting Sunlight’s research.  NJEdReport adds in language from NJSBA about the cost of the increases to NJ school districts and correctly identifies that it is property taxpayers and kids…

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NJEdReport Amplifies Sunlight’s Report on the Teacher Shortage and How the NEA Ignored Teachers’ Discontent

Thanks to NJEdReport for augmenting and amplifying Sunlight’s research on how the NEA (and NJEA) knew about young teachers’ disaffection from the modern-day, union-dominated teaching profession.  The young teachers cared about students and instruction, and wanted…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on the NJEA’s Falsely Labeling Parents as “Extremists.”

Thanks once again to NJEdReport for amplifying Sunlight’s voice.  NJ needs to learn how the NJEA is pushing teachers to take sides against parents who dare to speak up at school board meetings.  The facts show…

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Chalkboard Review Covers Sunlight’s Two “Teaching Is Political” Reports

Thanks to Chalkboard Review for covering our two reports.  We’re glad to see a news outlet that’s willing to publish the FACTS about how the NJEA believes that “Teaching is political” and how it is pushing…

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