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GSI Business Panel: NJ’s High Government Spending and Taxes Are Killing Our Businesses. Special Interests Win; NJ Loses.

Kudos to Garden State Initiative for hosting a panel on NJ’s business climate; kudos to Assembly Appropriations Committee chair John Burzichelli for participating and listening; and kudos to the NJ business leaders for telling it…

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Mayor Spiller, Are You OK with Closing Montclair Schools for the Rest of the School Year?

According to a NJ Advance Media report, if teacher vaccinations are a requirement to reopen schools, then schools will likely remain closed for the rest of the school year.  That’s what the head of the…

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Kudos to the Record’s Charlie Stile: Borrowing $4.3 Billion to Make a $6.4 Billion Pension Payment is POBs All Over Again.

The Record’s Charlie Stile is one of the very few people in NJ who recognize that Gov. Murphy is effectively reprising the disastrous 1997 Pension Obligation Bonds (POBs) of Gov. Whitman.  The $2.75 billion in POBs will…

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Gov. Murphy’s Budget: The Special Interests Win, NJ Loses

Gov. Murphy is out with his FY2022 budget.  Four facts stand out:  Murphy is increasing spending to $44.8 billion, a 10% increase over last year. Murphy is devoting over 14% of this budget – $6.4…

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Sunlight Founder Mike Lilley on Jersey Matters Show Discussing Montclair Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest

Thanks to Kimberly Kravitz and the Jersey Matters program team for interviewing Sunlight Founder Mike Lilley.  The show was looking at the school reopening dispute in Montclair, where schools remain closed and NJEA VP/Mayor Sean Spiller…

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NJ Education Report Posts Sunlight’s Report on Montclair Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest

Thanks to NJ Education Report.  Sunlight’s readers should check out NJ Education Report – a new website dedicated to providing the facts and insights about NJ education system.  You will learn many things you didn’t…

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BuryPensions Makes an Interesting Point about Sunlight’s Report on Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest

BuryPensions asserts that Spiller has no conflict of interest at all because he is dutifully toeing the NJEA line.  Montclair’s citizens never had a chance.

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Sunlight Featured in Montclair Local on NJEA VP/Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest

NJEA critic: Mayor Spiller ‘siding with his union,’ not Montclair Please see our blog for a response to NJEA Vice President/Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller’s false attacks on Sunlight.  He would much rather hurl mud and…

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