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WalletHub: New Jersey WORST State for Retirement Due to High Cost of Living

WalletHub is out with its annual “Best States to Retire” and New Jersey ranks dead last in the nation.  The primary reason is that NJ is dead last in “Affordability” (NJ is 35th for “Quality…

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NJ Economy Is Underperforming Again: 350,000 Fewer Jobs than Before Pandemic

Thanks to the Garden State Initiative (GSI) for keeping en eye on NJ’s employment numbers.  Altogether, NJ’s January jobs numbers were not good: NJ’s unemployment rate was 7.6%, almost a full percentage point higher than…

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Rather Than Borrow Money and Invest in Risky Assets to Juice Returns, NJ Should Reform Its Public Pension System

We’re going to get a little wonkish here and delve into the mechanics of pensions because NJ’s public pensions are a disaster waiting to happen.  At 38%, they are the worst funded public pensions in…

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NJ’s First Black Rhodes Scholar Speaks Out for Education Equity and Against Powerful Special Interests

Randal D. Pinkett, an NJ entrepreneur and Rhodes Scholar, penned an op-ed in the Star-Ledger with some trenchant observations, particularly about NJ’s special-interest-dominated education system. Sunlight excerpted some relevant parts below: ” … [S]everal issues…

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Sunlight’s Pension Report Gets (Brief) Coverage from NJ Spotlight News On-Line Program

Here’s the NJTV piece (go to minute 19:00).

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NJ Left Behind Re-Posts Sunlight’s Blog on 2020 Back-Scratching between Gov. Murphy and the NJEA

As always, thanks to NJ Left Behind for re-posting Sunlight’s blog on all the policy gains Gov. Murphy gave to the NJEA in 2020.  Murphy is taking care of NJ’s most powerful special interest because he…

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NJ Left Behind Highlights Key Points in New Sunlight Policy Center Report on Teachers’ Pensions

Thanks to NJ Left Behind for summarizing Sunlight’s most recent report on teachers’ pensions and highlighting the key points.

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POLITICO’s Carly Sitrin Reports on Sunlight’s Latest Research on Teachers’ Pensions

Report: Pension plan for NJEA leadership ‘vastly superior’ to members’ benefits By Carly Sitrin 12/09/2020 05:00 AM EST Leadership of New Jersey’s largest teachers union has a stronger, better-funded pension plan than the one in…

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