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Former Public School Teacher Blasts Teachers Unions for Prioritizing Political Activism over Educating Kids

A friend of Sunlight’s sent us an excellent Tablet article by Alex Gutentag, a former teacher in Oakland, CA public schools.  We urge you to read the whole piece, as it provides the perspective of…

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Laid-Off Montclair Teachers Reap the Whirlwind from NJEA President/Montclair Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest

NJEA President/Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller’s conflict of interest continues to negatively affect Montclair and its school system.  This time, it’s the dozens of young teachers and paraprofessionals being laid off, who will be leaving the…

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Working Families, NJ Policy Perspective and Education Law Center: The NJEA’s Million-Dollar Allies

Making our way through the NJEA’s 2020 IRS filing (the most recent), we now turn to the NJEA’s network of allies.  The NJEA has long used its millions of withheld teachers’ dues to fund a…

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Gov. Murphy Fails to Address Learning Loss and then Tries to Hide It by Lowering Education Standards

Rarely does the juxtaposition of two events — actually one event and one non-event — paint such a clear picture of reality.  Unfortunately, the reality is one of a failure in leadership by Gov. Murphy….

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NJEdReport Boosts Sunlight’s Blog on the Damage Caused by Conflicted NJEA President/Montclair Mayor Spiller

Thanks to NJEdReport for amplifying our blog on that walking conflict of interest, NJEA President/Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller.  Spiller needs to be held accountable for the damage he caused to Montclair schools and kids.

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Gov. Murphy’s On-Going Education Failures

NJEdReport continues to be a good friend to Sunlight by reposting our blogs on their popular website.  This time they help expose Murphy’s on-going failure in his duty to educate NJ’s children.  Rather than undertake…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Obscene Compensation for Retired NJEA Officer

Thanks to NJEdReport for amplifying Sunlight’s revelation that former-ED Ed Richardson was paid $878,569 in 2020, the year after he retired.  That brings Richardson’s total reported career compensation to $8.2 million, which omits both 2018…

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Gothamist Includes Quote from Sunlight in Article on NJ School Board Wars — But Leaves Out an Important Detail

We appreciate Gothamist taking the time to call us and discuss the matter and then quote us in their article.  It’s not exactly the way we would have presented what we said, but the reporter…

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