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Updated Teachers Pension Report Sends a Warning for New Jersey

The State published the actuarial report for the Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF), New Jersey’s largest state pension fund.   As of June 30, 2019 and using the more accurate measure that includes TPAF’s…

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Rather than Address His Conflicts of Interest, Spiller Hurls Mud and Falsehoods

Well, SPCNJ’s FACTS have apparently gotten under NJEA Vice President and Montclair mayoral candidate Sean Spiller’s skin.  We were surprised to see a Spiller campaign mailer (largely funded by the NJEA) designed as if Spiller…

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At PTA Forum, Spiller Wants To Talk About Anything But His Conflicts of Interest

Kudos to moderator Jon Fortt who knew his facts about NJEA Vice President/Montclair mayoral candidate Sean Spiller’s conflicts of interest and asked the right questions. Fortt rightly pointed out that a NJ Superior Court ruled…

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This post is an addendum to the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey’s (SPCNJ) recent report “Councilman Spiller, Mayor Spiller, Governor Spiller?” Thanks to NJLeftBehind for highlighting this aspect of Spiller’s run for mayor of Montclair….

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NJLeftBehind Cites SPCNJ’s Piece Showing Shoddy “Research” by Mark Weber, PhD.

NJLeftBehind once again does fine work challenging Mark Weber, PhD.’s research, this time on why today’s young adults are not choosing to enter teaching.  Weber refers back to his own shoddy research on a supposed…

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SPCNJ Op-Ed on NJEA VP Spiller’s Run for Montclair Mayor in Today’s InsiderNJ

Thanks to InsiderNJ for publishing SPCNJ’s op-ed: Op-ED: Setting the Facts Straight on NJEA VP Spiller’s Run for Montclair Mayor By Guest Contributor | May 7, 2020, 1:17 pm | in Columnist By Mike Lilley…

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Montclair Local Covers SPCNJ Report’s Uncomfortable Facts for Candidate Spiller

Here is the Montclair Local article reprinted in full: WATCHDOG THINK TANK TARGETS SPILLER Candidate accuses ‘right-wing’ organization of trying to buy election May 7, 2020 BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.news A watchdog group has…

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NJLeftBehind Posts SPCNJ’s Star-Ledger Op-Ed on NJEA Members Running for Public Office

Read the NJLeftBehind post here.

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