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Another Study Rates Teachers’ Pension Fund As One of the Worst in the Nation; 2021’s Stellar Returns Won’t Change That

A third reputable institution has found the New Jersey teachers’ pension fund to be one of the very worst in the nation.  First it was the Center for Retirement Research, then the Brookings Institution, and…

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More Bad News: NJ Still Has -4.8% Fewer Payroll Jobs than Pre-Pandemic. Does Gov. Murphy Even Care?

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal confirms the Pew Charitable Trust data that Sunlight highlighted on Monday.  The Pew data showed New Jersey’s dismal performance in rebuilding New Jersey’s prime-age employment (ages 28-54), with the…

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Pew Data: NJ’s Fiscal and Economic Woes Portend a Bleak Future. Does Gov. Murphy Even Care?

Sadly for New Jersey, some things never change.  Pew Charitable Trusts came out with its most recent study on the long-term fiscal condition of the 50 states, and New Jersey comes in DEAD LAST.  Again….

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The NJEA Irresponsibly Undermines Respect for the Law and Sends a Harmful Message to Students

More evidence that the NJEA is a thoroughly politicized – and radical – organization that is more interested in stoking political fires than educating students. The NJEA leadership came out with a truly radical statement on…

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NJEdReport Adds Its Own Take on Sunlight’s Blog on the Montclair School Board Vote

As usual, NJEdReport added its own excellent and informed take on Sunlight’s blog congratulating Montclair voters on their landslide victory.  Montclair will now have an elected school board, and the deeply conflicted NJEA President/Montclair Mayor…

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Sunlight Quoted in the Excellent NJSpotlight Report on the NJEA’s Taxpayer-Funded Support for Murphy

Kudos to Jeff Pillets and NJSpotlight for their excellent, balanced report on the NJEA’s massive, taxpayer-funded support for Gov. Murphy’s re-election.  Pillets gets quotes from all sides of the debate, including from Sunlight and NJEA…

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NJEdReport Chimes in on NJEA’s Controversial Sponsorship of Gubernatorial Debate

Thanks to NJEdReport for citing to Sunlight’s research on the (at least) $15.5 million the NJEA has spent for Gov. Murphy’s re-election.

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NJEdReport Helps Call Out More Shoddy Research from NJ Policy Perspective

Thanks to NJEdReport for reposting Sunlight’s blog on more shoddy research from NJ Policy Perspective’s Mark “Jersey Jazzman” Weber and Bruce Baker.  It’s the 10th time Sunlight has called this pair out.  Weber and Baker’s…

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