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Deb Cornavaca, the NJEA and Gov. Murphy: A Revolving Door of Special-Interest Influence

Well, well, well, as night follows day, a NJEA political organizer cycles into the Murphy administration as a senior officer and then cycles right back to the NJEA.  Murphy’s Deputy Chief of Staff Deborah Cornavaca…

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Harvard Study: NJ Among the States with the Most School Closures and Learning Loss. What Will Gov. Murphy Do About It?

While the NJEA wants to claim that learning loss did not really occur, a new study by Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research sheds some much-needed light on the severity of learning loss due to…

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Once Again, New Jersey Ranks Among the States with the Very Highest Property Taxes

The Tax Foundation shared its property tax rankings today, and Sunlight thought it made sense to reconfirm what kind of property-tax burden New Jersey taxpayers are bearing.  For 2022, New Jersey was 44th among the…

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NJ’s Public Pensions Remain at Risk Because There Are Fewer Active Workers Per Retiree; So Taxpayers Will Pay More

A brief addendum to Sunlight’s blog on Tuesday about how the teachers’ pension fund (TPAF) is still at risk despite record contributions by Gov. Murphy.  The ever-vigilant BuryPensions  provided some additional words (data) of warning about…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on the Cornavaca-NJEA-Murphy Revolving Door

Thanks to NJEdReport for reposting Sunlight’s blog on the special-interest revolving door from the NJEA to Gov. Murphy’s administration back to the NJEA.  (Of course it was NJEdReport’s reporting that alerted us to the move in…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on the NJEA’s Pay-to-Play Relationship with Gov. Murphy – in the NJEA’s Own Words

Thanks once again to NJEdReport‘s boosting Sunlight’s work.  Sunlight hopes that NJEdReport readers will take a moment to look at our short blog.  The NJEA proudly and brazenly boasts of its influence over our governor…

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NJEducation Report Comments on Sunlight’s Piece on Gov. Murphy’s Unfinished Business in NJ

Thanks to NJEdReport for commenting on Sunlight’s recent piece reminding Gov. Murphy that before he goes off running for president, there is a whole lot of unfinished business in New Jersey.  NJEdReport dies its usual excellent…

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Before New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Runs for President, Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey has Some Reminders

It’s now an open secret that Phil Murphy wants to run for president.  New Jersey pollsters are even running polls about it. Politico – and then many others – have reported that Murphy’s wife and…

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