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Does the NJEA Care About Learning Loss for Minority and Low-Income Students?

Remote learning during the pandemic has indeed taken its toll on NJ students. The New Jersey Globe reported that based on interim tests 37% of NJ students were below grade level in language arts and…

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Because It Can, the NJEA Spends $198,000 in Support of Republican Betty Lou DeCroce

Sunlight must admit that this came as quite a surprise: it appears that ASW Betty Lou DeCroce, Republican Assemblywoman from the 26th legislative district, received massive support from the NJEA for her 2021 Republican primary…

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North American Van Lines: 64% of NJ Movers During the Pandemic Left the State

North American Van Lines came out with its survey of 2020 moving patterns – the first to encompass a full year of the pandemic – and unfortunately for New Jersey and other high-tax, “blue” states,…

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Wirepoints Study: NJ Has a Serious Problem with People and Wealth Leaving the State

Wirepoints came out with a new study on IRS data for 2019 that clearly shows New Jersey’s loss of people and wealth.  For 2019, NJ lost -26,528 people, and as shown in the graph below,…

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NJ Ed Report Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Pro-Murphy Super PAC Becoming an NJEA Subsidiary

Thanks to NJ Ed Report for re-posting Sunlight’s blog and and adding a perfect picture that captures the back-scratching relationship between Gov. Murphy and his NJEA pals, of which Super PAC New Direction New Jersey is a…

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NJ Education Report Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on NTU’s Abeigon Trying to Rewrite History

Thanks to NJEdReport!

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Star-Ledger Publishes Sunlight Op-Ed: Teachers Need To Be Told the Truth About Their Pensions

Thanks to the Star-Ledger for publishing Sunlight’s op-ed “N.J. Teachers Need to be Told the Truth: Their Pensions Are in Jeopardy.”  Hopefully, many NJ teachers will see it and start to ask questions about the…

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NJEdReport Gets the Scoop on Sunlight’s Billboards

The word is out.  NJ Education Report  learned from a source about Sunlight’s billboard campaign to hold the NJEA (and NTU) accountable for keeping schools closed for kids and parents who want their schools to reopen….

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