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2019 NJ State Debt Report: The Facts

SPCNJ is mindful that this does not seem like the best time to be the amplifier of not-so-good or bad news, but we have been following NJ’s debt profile for many years and believe that…

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We Will Get Through Covid19 but with Severe Damage to NJ’s Public Pensions

Thanks to BuryPensions for alerting SPCNJ to a Bloomberg article by Aaron Brown that highlights the risks that the Covid19-related economic recession and market crash have created for New Jersey’s public-sector pensions.  Brown estimates that the…

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Coronavirus Creates A Huge Double-Whammy for New Jersey’s Finances

The Star-Ledger’s Samantha Marcus wrote an article today describing the anticipated hit to NJ’s tax collections.  Thanks to a strong economy and robust stock markets, NJ’s tax revenues had been running 6% above last year,…

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Looks Like Some Good News on Sweeney-NJEA Healthcare Deal

Senate President Steve Sweeney has introduced a new healthcare bill based on the recent deal between Sweeney and NJEA President Marie Blistan. The bill appears to take notice of the recent ProPublica investigation into excessive…

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SPCNJ in BuryPensions Blog

Once again, thanks to BuryPensions for spreading the word and shedding some light on the NJEA’s continuing domination of New Jersey politics – this time crushing the competition in lobbying spending. See the BuryPensions post…

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InsiderNJ Press Release for SPCNJ Report on ProPublica Healthcare Scandal

See the InsiderNJ press release here.

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Unnoticed $500,000,000 Scandal Is A Warning For New Jersey

Over the last two years, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has conducted a multi-million-dollar lobbying and media campaign promoting the “NJEA’s solution” to the exceptionally high cost of school employee health benefits for both…

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NJ Left Behind Does Excellent Summary of SPCNJ’s Network of Allies Report

Many thanks to NJ Left Behind for reading, understanding and summarizing the main points of SPCNJ’s long and detailed report on the NJEA’s vast network of allies. NJEA’s “Spider Web of Political Power”: A New…

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