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In Contrast to NJ Policy Perspective, NJEdReport Provides a Fair and Data-Driven Look at State Education Spending

Sunlight heartily recommends NJEdReport’s comprehensive report on NJ education spending.   It is full of excellent data that covers the various spending measurements and related state spending, such as municipal aid.  It is fair but does…

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NJEA Sponsorship of NJ PBS’s Gubernatorial Debate Raises Red Flags

Kudos to Politico‘s Carly Sitrin for her excellent piece (unfortunately behind a paywall) on the NJEA’s sponsoring NJ PBS’s 2021 gubernatorial debate, despite the fact that the NJEA endorsed one of the debate participants, Gov….

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Gov. Murphy and the NJEA: Quid Pro Quo

John Reitmeyer’s piece for NJSpotlight says it all.  Gov. Murphy has increased spending by 30% since he entered office, and “much of the big increase in spending is helping fund increases in aid to K-12…

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NJEA All-In for Murphy’s Re-Election with $15.5 Million of Teachers’ Dues

InsiderNJ reports that the NJEA is all-in for Gov. Murphy’s re-election campaign.   According to the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), as usual, the NJEA’s Super PAC, Garden State Forward, is the top independent spender…

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NJEdReport Chimes in on NJEA’s Controversial Sponsorship of Gubernatorial Debate

Thanks to NJEdReport for citing to Sunlight’s research on the (at least) $15.5 million the NJEA has spent for Gov. Murphy’s re-election.

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NJEdReport Helps Call Out More Shoddy Research from NJ Policy Perspective

Thanks to NJEdReport for reposting Sunlight’s blog on more shoddy research from NJ Policy Perspective’s Mark “Jersey Jazzman” Weber and Bruce Baker.  It’s the 10th time Sunlight has called this pair out.  Weber and Baker’s…

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NJEdReport Asks About Anti-Charter School Bias at New Jersey Public Radio

NJEdReport sends a poignant message to New Jersey Public Radio managing editor Nancy Solomon after Solomon expressed anti-charter school bias in an email to Sunlight.

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on the (True) Sorry State of NJ’s Public Pensions

Thanks again to NJEdReport for amplifying the facts.  It’s particularly important that the facts get out into the public domain so they can counter the happy talk from the Murphy administration.  Unfortunately, the NJ press…

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