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With Student Misbehavior Negatively Impacting Teachers, NJEA Leadership Chooses to Fight the Culture Wars, Not Protect Teachers

More reports of student misbehavior and the negative impact on teachers, with local association officers sounding the alarm.  Where is the NJEA on this issue of obvious importance to teachers?  Fighting the culture wars rather…

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Montclair Councilman: “Is the Township Being Weaponized To Go After People” Who Criticize Mayor Sean Spiller?

Per the Montclair Local, we are learning more and more about how NJEA President/Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller conducts himself in office, and it’s not good.  Already the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit by Montclair’s former-CFO…

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FY2025 Budget: Gov. Murphy Resorts to One-Time Fixes To Pay for His Unsustainable Spending

Gov. Murphy spends a lot of time talking about how fiscally responsible he is, but as always with Murphy, you have to look through the words to the actual numbers.  An excellent example of that…

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Legal Woes Don’t Stop NJEA President Sean Spiller from Spending Teachers’ Dues on His Personal Political Career

Despite NJEA President Sean Spiller’s legal woes and his decision not to run for re-election as Montclair mayor, he’s still pursuing his (post-Montclair) personal political career and using hundreds of thousands of teachers’ dues to…

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NJEdReport Posts Sunlight Response to the Hypocritical and Mendacious Michael “Hundreds of Millions” Gottesman

Thanks once again to NJEdReport for providing a forum for the discussion of education topics.  Always fair and even-handed, NJEdReport allowed Michael “Hundreds of Millions” Gottesman to express his (usually mendacious) views, and so they allowed…

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NJEdReport Posts Sunlight’s Blog on NJEA President Spiller Using Teachers’ Dues to Fund His Personal Ambitions

Thanks to NJEdReport for posting Sunlight’s blog on the walking conflict of interest that is Sean Spiller.  Undeterred by his various conflicts on interest in Montclair, Spiller is now using teachers’ highest-in-the-nation dues to fund…

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Star-Ledger Editorial Board Cites Sunlight Report in Scathing Editorial on Excessive Pay for NJEA Leadership

Kudos to the Star-Ledger Editorial Board for their scathing criticism of the excessive pay for NJEA leadership.  The Star-Ledger continues to publish well researched, courageous and truthful editorials about the facts of the NJEA leadership’s…

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NJEdReport Highlights and Condenses Sunlight’s Report on Excessive NJEA Leadership Pay

As always, thanks to NJEdReport for highlighting and condensing Sunlight’s recent report on the excessive compensation that NJEA leadership pays themselves.  NJEdReport has a large following, including many teachers, and we hope that these teachers…

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