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Pew Study: NJ’s Pensions Are in Dire Shape; Yet Gov. Murphy Prefers to Please His Public Union Pals

The title of NJSpotlight’s recent article on New Jersey’s pensions,”Public pension funds in better shape, study says,” conveys an overly optimistic message.  The body of the report does highlight some of Pew’s concerns about New Jersey…

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New Jersey’s Jobs Recovery One of the Worst in the Nation. Does Gov. Murphy Care?

New Jersey’s jobs recovery from COVID has been one of the weakest in the nation.  NJBIZ reports that according to Pew Charitable Trusts, there were 6.3% fewer people working than prior to the pandemic, which…

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The NJEA Tries to Silence Sunlight Policy Center and Keep NJ Teachers in the Dark

Well, it looks like Sunlight’s campaign to inform New Jersey teachers of their 1st Amendment rights has hit a nerve.  It appears that the NJEA has written up a Facebook hit piece on Sunlight to counter…

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NJ Teacher Speaks to Fellow Teachers: You Can Leave the NJEA Now and Stop Paying $1,500 Dues

Courageous Montville teacher Mark Mansour made an inspiring and impassioned plea to his fellow teachers at a rally in Trenton, right across from the NJEA’s sparkling $15 million headquarters – paid for by New Jersey teachers’…

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BuryPensions Cites Sunlight’s Work on NJ Teachers’ Severely Underfunded Pensions

BuryPensions – one of the most informed observers of NJ’s pension crisis – cited to Sunlight’s research on NJ teachers’ woefully underfunded pensions as compared to NJEA executives overfunded pensions.  Sunlight would add that top…

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NJEdReport Helps Spread the Word to Teachers While the NJEA Tries to Keep Them in the Dark

Once again, thanks to NJ Education Report for posting Sunlight’s blog rebutting the NJEA’s hit piece on Sunlight.  Clearly, the NJEA is nervous about Sunlight’s campaign to inform teachers of their 1st Amendment rights and is…

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NJEdReport Helps Call Out Sue Altman and NJ Working Families Alliance

Thanks to NJEdReport for amplifying Sunlight’s blog on the NJEA’s $349,000 funding for NJ Working Families Alliance in exchange for providing foot soldiers for the NJEA’s getup-the-vote efforts.  So much for the “independent” NJWFA.  Someone should…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on NJ Pension Crisis

Thanks (again) to NJ Education Report for reposting Sunlight’s blog reminding New Jersey that its public pension system is still in crisis despite the best investment returns in 25 years.

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