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Federal Money Shores Up NJ’s Budget, But Gov. Murphy Opts for Election-Year Spending Rather than a Sustainable Path

The gusher of federal money has certainly been a boon to New Jersey as well as other states.  This has had a number of positive ramifications, most importantly filling state coffers so that even perpetually…

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It’s Confirmed: NJ Teachers Pay the Highest Dues in the Nation – By Far

Thanks to the sleuthing of the Education Intelligence Agency, we now know for certain that the NJEA’s member dues are the highest in the nation – by a long shot.  For the 2020-21 school year,…

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NJEdReport: Gov. Murphy Takes Care of His NJEA Pals Over Kids in Poor School Districts. Where Is Mark Weber and NJPP?

NJ Ed Report published an excellent report today about how the NJEA’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is sending unqualified teachers to teach in high-poverty, Abbott districts.  Thankfully, NJ Ed Report is a trusted outlet…

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Yes, It’s True: NJ Has the Highest Property Taxes in the Nation

More good work from the Tax Foundation confirms what every New Jersey homeowner already knows: NJ has the very highest property taxes in the nation.  Using 2019 Census Bureau data, the Tax Foundation looked at property…

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NJ Ed Report Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Murphy Taking Care of His NJEA Pals Over Kids in Poor Districts

Thanks to NJ Ed Report both for reposting but even more for its excellent reporting.  Clearly NJ Department of Education whistleblowers have the confidence and trust in NJ Ed Report to expose the wrongdoing and know…

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NJ Ed Report Re-Posts Sunlight’s Blog on the NJEA’s Apparent Unconcern with Learning Loss During the Pandemic

Once again, thanks to NJ Education Report for re-posting Sunlight’s blog on the massive amount of learning loss for minority students due to all-remote learning and whether the NJEA even cares about measuring that loss. NJ…

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NJ Ed Report Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Pro-Murphy Super PAC Becoming an NJEA Subsidiary

Thanks to NJ Ed Report for re-posting Sunlight’s blog and and adding a perfect picture that captures the back-scratching relationship between Gov. Murphy and his NJEA pals, of which Super PAC New Direction New Jersey is a…

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NJ Education Report Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on NTU’s Abeigon Trying to Rewrite History

Thanks to NJEdReport!

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