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Our hearts go out to Governor Murphy and his family.

As our readers know, SPCNJ does not hesitate to challenge Governor Murphy’s policies and politics.  But on a personal level, like all New Jerseyans, we were saddened to hear about Governor Murphy’s illness and wish…

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NJEA-backed Coalition Calls for $3.1bn in Tax Hikes While Residents Flee NJ

The timing is perfect.  A new NJEA-backed coalition, “For the Many,” calls for $3.1 billion in tax hikes the same day that a new study determined that New Jersey lost the second-most residents of any…

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New Coalition “For the Many” Should Be Named “For the Special Interests”

An InsiderNJ Press Release announced the creation of a new coalition named “For the Many.”  The Steering Committee includes two powerhouse public-sector unions – the NJEA and CWA – as well as New Jersey Policy…

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Sen. Sweeney Speaks Truth to (Special Interest) Power

Bloomberg News quoted state Senate President Steve Sweeney as declaring New Jersey “in worse shape” than any other state.  Sweeney is not exaggerating.  The facts are sobering (drawn from Sunlight Policy’s report “Beware the Downward…

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InsiderNJ Press Release for SPCNJ Report on ProPublica Healthcare Scandal

See the InsiderNJ press release here.

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Unnoticed $500,000,000 Scandal Is A Warning For New Jersey

Over the last two years, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has conducted a multi-million-dollar lobbying and media campaign promoting the “NJEA’s solution” to the exceptionally high cost of school employee health benefits for both…

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NJ Left Behind Does Excellent Summary of SPCNJ’s Network of Allies Report

Many thanks to NJ Left Behind for reading, understanding and summarizing the main points of SPCNJ’s long and detailed report on the NJEA’s vast network of allies. NJEA’s “Spider Web of Political Power”: A New…

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Thanks to the Bury Pensions Blog for Excerpting Today’s SPCNJ Report

and for Mr. Bury’s kind words about SPCNJ’s investigative reporting. Who Is Getting the NJEA Money? Posted January 6, 2020 by burypensions in Politics. 1 Comment The Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey released a report…

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