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Most States Are Reducing Tax Rates; Gov. Murphy Raised Tax Rates to Increase Government Spending

Thanks to Gov. Murphy and his accommodation of tax-thirsty government unions — who also happen to be his biggest political supporters — New Jersey continues to be a negative outlier when it comes to taxes….

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NJEA President/Montclair Mayor/2025 Gubernatorial Hopeful Sean Spiller Is in Hot Water Again

NJEA President/Montclair Mayor/2025 gubernatorial hopeful Sean Spiller again finds himself in hot water, as explained by this recent Star-Ledger news report.  Spiller has been named in a lawsuit filed by Montclair’s CFO, which claims that…

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Full-Time NJEA Employee on Randolph BOE Has a Conflict of Interest Unless She Recuses Herself

Last week, Sunlight pointed out that NJEA Field Rep/West Orange BOE (WOBOE) President Brian Rock has a serious and actionable conflict of interest.  Rock’s position as a full-time NJEA employee makes his case different from…

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Don’t Be Fooled: “For the Many” Is Government Unions Pushing to Keep NJ Taxes the Highest in the Nation

Two news items appeared in Sunlight’s inbox yesterday, and their juxtaposition tells you all you need to know about New Jersey’s special-interest-dominated status quo and the very high taxes that go with it.  This malign…

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Sunlight’s Blog on NJEA President/Montclair Mayor/2025 Gubernatorial Hopeful Sean Spiller Reposted by NJEdReport

Many thanks to NJEdReport for reposting Sunlight’s blog on the ever-conflicted Sean Spiller.  As we say on our blog, WATCH OUT, New Jersey!  Spiller as governor would be the biggest conflict of interest of all!

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Sunlight Letter to the Editor on BOE Member’s Conflict of Interest Printed by TAPinto Randolph

Thanks to TAPinto Randolph for publishing Sunlight’s Letter to the Editor concerning Randolph BOE member Amanda Adams’ conflict of interest.  Adams is a full-time NJEA employee and thus has a conflict unlike that of a teacher….

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Sunlight’s Blog on Conflicted West Orange BOE President Published in West Orange Patch

Thanks to the West Orange Patch for allowing Sunlight to contribute to the Patch.  West Orange citizens should understand that their school board president is also a full-time employee of the NJEA, not simply a teacher,…

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NJEdReport Dresses Up and Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on Murphy’s Glaring Omissions in the SOTS

Thanks to NJEdReport for adding pictures and highlighting to Sunlight’s blog on the three big omissions from Gov. Murphy’s State of the State address.  Murphy needs to be called out for neglecting learning loss, public pensions…

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