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Another Strand in the NJEA’s Close Relationship with NJ Spotlight

There’s now an eighth strand in the NJEA’s close relationship with NJ Spotlight.  As detailed in Sunlight’s blog “What Has Happened to NJ Spotlight?,” NJ Spotlight appears to be employing a double-standard when it comes…

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NJEA VP Sean Spiller Eyes the Governor’s Office: Will Special Interests Actually Run NJ?

Just as Sunlight speculated in its report “Councilman Spiller, Mayor Spiller, Governor Spiller?,” NJEA Vice President and Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller appears to have his eyes on the governor’s office.  The NJEA trained Spiller to run…

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Gov. Murphy’s COVID Bonds: More Money Now to Benefit His Public Union Pals Costs Future NJ Citizens Hundreds of Millions More

The ever-vigilant BuryPensions blog has provided valuable information on NJ’s COVID bonds – the $4.5 billion that Gov. Murphy is borrowing to plug budget gaps and allow for a record $4.7 billion payment into NJ’s broken…

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More Shoddy Research from NJ Policy Perspective with a Boost from NJ Spotlight

NJ Spotlight continues to live down to its new reputation as a megaphone for the NJEA and its allies.  In a piece entitled “What Has Happened to NJ Spotlight?” Sunlight Policy Center recently highlighted the…

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NJLeftBehind Re-posts Sunlight’s Blog on NJEA’s Ever Closer Relationship with NJ Spotlight

Thanks to NJLeftBehind!

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NJLeftBehind Cites Sunlight’s Report on NJEA VP Spiller Eying the Governor’s Office

NJLeftBehind cites Sunlight’s report “Councilman Spiller, Mayor Spiller, Governor Spiller” in today’s blog.  Thanks for highlighting our work!

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NJLeftBehind Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on NJ Policy Perspective’s Shoddy Research with a Boost from NJ Spotlight

Thanks to NJLeftBehind for spreading the word!

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NJLeftBehind Reposts Sunlight’s Blog on NJ Spotlight’s Double-Standards

Thanks to NJLeftBehind for re-posting Sunlight’s blog describing how on-line news site NJ Spotlight seems to favor NJEA-friendly op-eds while disfavoring pieces like Sunlight’s that are critical of the NJEA.  Sunlight did some research and found…

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