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NJEA President-Elect/Montclair Mayor Spiller’s Conflict of Interest Spreads to the School Board

The Montclair Local reports that NJEA President-elect/Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller has appointed three new members to the Montclair school board.  That now makes four-of-seven school board members appointed by Spiller, so his appointees are now…

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New Brookings Report: NJ Teachers’ Pension Fund on Path to “Near-Term” Insolvency

In the wonky world of pensions, a new report by the Brookings Institution made some news because of its rather optimistic take on the fate of America’s public pensions.  The authors argue that due to recent…

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New Direction Is Now Essentially an NJEA Super PAC with Gov. Murphy as Spokesman

Sunlight admits that this is not new news, but because it was released on Christmas Eve-eve, we missed it.  But we found the InsiderNJ press release that reveals that Super PAC New Direction New Jersey (NDNJ)…

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Parents Are Forced to Fund Their Own Lawsuits While Their Property Tax Dollars Pay for the Unions’ Legal Fees

The Wall Street Journal reported that parents in Scotch Plains – Fanwood had raised $40,000 for legal fees involved in their suit to reopen schools.  This $40,000 comes from the parents’ own pockets.  Parents in Montclair…

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Thanks to RealClearEducation for Making Sunlight’s Report for Discourse Magazine Its Top Story

National news website RealClearEducation has made Sunlight’s report in Discourse Magazine its top story for today.  We appreciate it!

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Discourse Magazine Publishes Sunlight’s Report “Teachers’ Unions Are Bad for Teachers. Here’s Why.”

Thanks to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for publishing Sunlight founder Mike Lilley’s report in its Discourse Magazine.  The piece is titled “Teachers’ Unions Are Bad for Teachers. Here’s Why.”  The title speaks…

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NJ Education Report Cites Sunlight and Makes Some Excellent Points About Montclair Mayor/NJEA President Spiller’s Conflicts

Check out NJ Education Report’s latest.  It’s an excellent recap of all the various facets of Spiller’s conflict of interest. NJEdReport also makes some strong points: 1) Spiller was trained by the NJEA Political Leadership…

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NJ Education Report Re-Posts Sunlight’s Blog on an Inconvenient Photo of Mayor Spiller and MEA President

Thanks for NJEdReport for re-posting Sunlight’s blog.  Montclair citizens need that the MEA clearly has a seat at the table with NJEA VP/Mayor Spiller.  What about the parents of Montclair FAIL (Families Advocating for In-person Learning)?

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