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NJ Public Education Coalition Is Now an “Affiliate” of a Dark-Money Super PAC that Looks Like an NJEA Front

We now have a little more transparency in the opaque world of New Jersey’s progressive dark money and activist network, but the key question is: who provides the funding for dark-money Super PAC Education Truth…

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Urban Institute: NJ Teachers’ Pension Plan Still in Deep Trouble, Projected to be Insolvent in 20 Years

As Gov. Murphy proposes to pump another $7 billion of the state budget into New Jersey’s unreformed public pension system, Sunlight thought it would be a good time to highlight this reality check from an…

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NJEA President Spiller Confirms Membership Is Below 200,000, Causing Dues Revenues to Lag Increase in Dues

So we finally have official confirmation: the NJEA’s membership is in fact below the 200,000 it advertises on its website.  NJEA President (and Montclair mayor) Sean Spiller testified to the legislature that the NJEA’s current…

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“New Jersey Politics at their Worst:” Gov. Murphy Seeks to Remove Head of Independent Elections Watchdog

As the Bergen Record‘s Charlie Stile sees it, Gov. Murphy’s move to weaken New Jersey’s independent elections watchdog (ELEC) amounts to “New Jersey politics at their worst.” There’s a lot not to like about the Orwellian-named “Elections…

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NJEdReport Enhances and Amplifies Sunlight’s Blog on Murphy’s Power Play Aimed at ELEC

Thanks to NJEdReport for enhancing (with a pithy headline and a great picture) and amplifying Sunlight’s blog on Gov. Murphy’s and the (Democrat) legislature to weaken NJ’s elections watchdog.  Many commentators see this as political payback…

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Sunlight Quoted by RealClearInvestigations: We Hope We’re Not Naive About “Media Literacy” Laws.

Ben Weingarten of RealClearInvestigations wrote an excellent, balanced piece about so-called “media literacy” laws.  Weingarten asked for and Sunlight provided a comment on the New Jersey law, which on its face looks neutral and was supported by…

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Sunlight’s Research on NJ Public Education Coalition Posted by NJEdReport

NJEdReport  added a nice Education Truth Project logo to Sunlight’s research, bringing home the idea that this is a well-funded little dark-money group.  From ETP to the NJPEC to Action Together NJ — all are parts…

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NJEdReport Reposts Sunlight’s Critique of Gov. Murphy’s FY2024 Budget

Thank you, NJEdReport, for spreading the word to your large following.  Hopefully, that means more people will know that Murphy’s speech is more talking points for a White House run than a serious effort to…

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