Pension and Benefit Crisis

New Jersey has a pension and benefit crisis.  We have the worst-funded public pension system in the nation.  Our unfunded retiree liabilities are $190 billion – five times the size of the state’s annual budget and a fiscal disaster waiting to happen.  Using its unmatched political clout over decades, the NJEA structured the New Jersey’s pension and benefit system we have today.  While the NJEA wants to blame the crisis on elected politicians, the facts show that the NJEA participated in schemes and pension raids that undermined the pension system and gained “platinum-plus” health benefits for its members at little or no cost to them.  The NJEA knowingly acquiesced to underfunding while constantly pushing for enhanced benefits, and has successfully blocked the many attempts to reform the system before it was too late.  The NJEA deserves the primary blame for New Jersey’s pension crisis.

pension and benefits

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pension benefit crisis

Job Number One: NJEA’s Leading Role In New Jersey’s Pension Crisis

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), New Jersey’s most powerful special interest, has lived up to Powell’s words – much to the detriment of New Jersey citizens.

“The fiscal future of New Jersey is bleak,” concluded the recent bipartisan legislative workgroup. This grim conclusion was largely based on the fact that New Jersey’s public pension and health benefit system is a looming disaster that threatens the state’s future. Under generally accepted national accounting standards, the total amount of the state’s unfunded public pension and health care liabilities is $190.1 billion.


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Pension & Benefit Crisis

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Pension & Benefit Crisis
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