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Welcome to the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey (SPCNJ). Thank you for visiting our site.

The SPCNJ is based on research I completed for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in 2016-17 that resulted in the five-part “Legal Corruption” series. You can find these reports in the “AEI Series” section of the site.

For decades the most powerful political force in the state – the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) – has thoroughly dominated New Jersey politics, rigged the system for its own benefit and brought our state to the brink of insolvency. Our pension and benefit crisis, our worst-in-the-nation tax system, and our underperforming state economy are largely attributable to the NJEA’s political dominance.

We believe that if New Jersey citizens knew these facts they would be outraged that a powerful special interest built a status quo that uses their tax dollars against their own interests, secures benefits for the few over the many, and blocks needed reforms.

As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: “Sunlight is the best of disinfectants.” For the future of our state and the next generations of New Jerseyans, it’s time to shine a light on these facts and change the status quo.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts or questions. Thanks again for your interest.






Mike Lilley, President and Founder of SPCNJ

May 20, 2019

Mission Statement

Informing New Jersey citizens of the facts behind our state’s dysfunctional status quo and advocating for policy solutions that put New Jersey back on the path to future prosperity.



There is an information wall and the NJEA hides behind it so that New Jersey citizens remain in the dark about the truth. We are removing that obstacle so that you can have access to resources, materials, and facts that expose the current system. We aim to shine a light our main problem: a rigged and special-interest-dominated political system. All the other problems that threaten the future of our state – our pension and benefits crisis, our worst-in-the-nation tax system, our underperforming economy, the outmigration of people and businesses – flow from this. Our goal is to arm you with the information and tools so that we can fix it together.

  • Publish studies, briefing papers, and other educational materials to inform New Jersey citizens about the nature and underlying causes of our special-interest-dominated status quo.
  • Provide research to help policymakers and the media gain a better understanding of these issues.
  • Propose policies and solutions to address the underlying causes of New Jersey’s status quo and put our state back on the path to future prosperity.
  • Work with allies to broaden and amplify the SPCNJ’s efforts.

The Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey (SPCNJ) is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) research center.


SPCNJ does not endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office, contribute to political campaigns, engage in political fundraising, solicit contributions to any candidate’s campaign for office or engage in any activity that may favor or oppose a specific candidate for office.